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We Produce.

We Shoot.

We Edit.

The Reelists make promotional videos in Dublin, Ireland. Our team of highly talented, experienced Reelists are all focused on one thing: delivering exactly the kind of video your business needs, tailor-made for you.
And we’ll do it all quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. We pride ourselves on our hassle-free project management and our incredibly fast turnaround time.

We make all kinds of videos for all kinds of clients. So whether you’re a local business, a global corporation, a charity, an advertising agency, a real estate agent, a rock band, or just a person who needs a video, we’ve got a unique video that caters to your exact needs.

And We Deliver.

On Time.

On Budget.

And Above Expectations.




Motion Graphics



Green Screen

Promotional Videos





Case Studies


Property Videos

Seriously, We Do Everything.

How Does It Work?

The first step is to listen to you. We discuss your brand and what you want to achieve- what story do you want to tell and what audience do you want us to reach?

We translate your business goals into a script. We think deeply about how best video can be used to serve your needs. With your input, we arrive at a finalised video concept.

Now the fun part! A team of highly-skilled and enthusiastic Reelists, using state-of-the-art broadcast-quality equipment turn your business’s story into a cinematic, blockbuster production.

And finally, we deliver. In any format imaginable- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TV, Cinema…

And you can rest assured that it’ll be on time. On budget. And above expectations.

Let's Get Started!

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