Animated videos that are fast, effective and affordable

Now more than ever, animation is a great way to communicate effectively. Tell your story, sell your product or promote your services in a way that’s eye-catching and fun.

Animated video production services from The Reelists guarantee the best quality in your videos. We work with you to determine your exact needs, and our Irish-based team delivers a lightning-fast turnaround with results that are guaranteed to be engaging and on-brand.

Whether you’re looking for a 15 second ad to promote a product or service, a 3 minute explainer video for your corporation or something in between, we’ll be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

"Shakespeare needed an animated explainer for Hamlet, so Disney made the lion king"




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How Does It Work?

We look after every aspect, from concept development all the way through to voiceover recording. And with our dedicated animation specialists, you’re guaranteed the highest quality product, with the fastest turnaround.


We start with a consultation to develop the concept. Then, we write the script and create storyboards to show you what it'll all look like.


We create the artwork and animate it. Then we record a professional voiceover and add music and sound effects to bring it to life.


Finally, we understand every social platform is different. We customise your video so that your message is crystal clear, no matter where it's being watched.

Let's Get Started!

Get in touch today for a no-commitment consultation on how animated videos can help your business!

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