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Videos That Raise funds, raise awareness, and influence public opinion.

At The Reelists, we have years of experience creating videos for causes we care about, from worthy charities to progressive campaigns that change the country.

We have a proven ability to take big, important ideas and communicate them to the public in a way that inspires them to take action. And with every video, we come up with new and innovative ways of cutting through the noise of social media to make your message stand out.

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Big Ideas



It’s business as usual at The Reelists. All our shoots are 100% compliant with Government advice. We also have a range of remote video solutions for you, including animation.


From raising over €500,000 in five days with Together For Yes, to helping Maxol convince you to part with 10 cent for Aware, we’ve a wealth of experience creating fundraising videos. Whether you’re after a simple 10 second ad, or a multi-part data-driven responsive campaign, we’ve something for you.

Big Ideas

Your organisation has a message for the general public. Often, this is a complicated topic, a difficult subject, or something the public simply doesn’t want to hear. We’ve years of experience taking complex messages and communicating them in ways that not only make sense, but inspire people to take action.


Referendums, elections, multimedia public awareness campaigns. We’ve made hundreds of these videos, helping to change minds and change Ireland for the better.


Filming at events is a great way to show off the good work your charity is doing. And it helps your message reach a much wider audience than those that attended on the day.

And Loads More...

More Than Just Videography...

A beautiful video is no good unless it's seen by the right people. That's why we work with you from the beginning to ensure your content tells the right story to the right people on the right platform.


We work with you from the beginning to develop the concept, ensuring the right story is reaching the right audience.

social video

We understand every social network is different. So we customise each video to maximise its potential on each platform.

Media placement

We create a custom media plan for each client, to ensure your videos get in front of the right people.

Green Screen





Motion Graphics





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